Nine Leaves explores destruction and peace

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October 2, 2008
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October 5, 2008

Nine Leaves

Amidst all the destruction, one little moment of peace takes center stage.
This picture is on the album cover of Nine Leaves’ second album, Peace in Death, and it illustrates exactly what the album is all about.
It’s about everything changing–destruction in one’s own life and the peace one can find within it, if one has the right mindset. It’s a concept album, one that explores the idea of the phoenix rising up from the ashes. Nine Leaves takes us on a journey through a range of emotions on this album–anger, fright, sadness, happiness. It’s a journey that’s hard to forget.

The songs include cascading, waterfall-like harmonies that outline the rap lyrics perfectly, setting the scene. After you listen to it, you might have to sit down for a bit.

Check out Nine Leaves’ MySpace page here. Get aquainted with a revolutionary new sound in the rap genre. And stay tuned–we’re going to be promoting a video for them soon.
But for now, check out the video for this Alan Iverson commercial below. Nine Leaves wrote the excellent, and dramatic, song in the background.