Introducing the intricately woven and utterly divine music of PILLAR POINT (Polyvinyl Records)

Dark slinking bass lines, drum kits, vintage synthesizers, oh my! Pillar Point’s music pulses with an energetic and consistent heartbeat, while Reitherman’s vocals appear like “an unhinged Ray Davies” urging you to come dance. Straight up picturesque, vibrant, and whimsical, Pillar Point creates images through sounds and is reminiscent of vintage, classic times past.

Although the music is light and airy, there is a certain darkness to these intricate chords. Breaking boundaries in the indie music genre, Reitherman abandons fears and sings sorrowfully at times, counteracting the lightheartedness of the music with his vocals. This unique balancing act makes for a strong combination of lonesomeness for all things past and hopefulness for all things present.

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