Pitchfork top videos of the decade; we promoted 6 of them!


Pitchfork picked up the best video picks of the decade; Bat For Lashes and Justice were in the top 10, ranking at number 7 and 8, respectively. While Bat For Lashes focuses on a creepy bike ride featuring the amazing Wheelie-Popping-Scary Bunny, Justice’s video was more lighthearted; featuring a set of pretty, colorful, ever-changing T-shirts.

Also, Fever Ray took the number 44 spot for “If I Had A Heart”, Battles got number 32 for “Atlas,” Grizzly Bear got number 26 for “Knife”, and number 16 goes to the Liars for “Plaster Casts Of Everything.”

See the entire list here. Watch the Bat For Lashes and Justice videos below:

Bat For Lashes: