Pop Evil hops on Tesla tour

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September 26, 2008
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September 28, 2008
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Pop Evil

Michigan rockers Pop Evil are going on-tour with one of the biggest names in the metal scene today–Tesla–and they’re staying out on the road for a month. If you want to see if they’re coming to your town, check out the tour dates here. The band is performing off their new album, Lipstick on the Mirror, a head-banging collection of songs that doesn’t let you rest. It’s rock n’ roll at its purest, rawest form. Pop Evil unleashes their energy into every tune.

But although Pop Evil excels at that grungy rock n’ roll style that made the 90s so great, they don’t try to hide their soft spots either–there’s an acoustic number on the album, “Stepping Stone,” not to mention that many of the vocals are bright, beautiful, and harmonic.

Pop Evil also just come out with a new video for their single, “Heroes.” Take a peep below.