Premiere: Jase Harley HIP Spotlight

When we first saw Jase Harley‘s music video for “Between The Lines”, the entire HIP Video Promo team was in awe. We’ve had the pleasure of promoting some truly incredible videos over the past seventeen years and this one immediately caught our eye. Jase is a classically trained pianist with a background in art and graphic design, and a passion for combining everything from soul to jazz to blues to film composers with his love of hip-hop. Starring Jase and dancer Olivia L. Burgess, “Between The Lines” is an honest and intimate portrayal of the lives of two young creatives, and it’s one of the most stunning visuals we’ve seen from an independent artist.

Some of our crew recently headed up to Jase Harley’s studio Fresh Fuzion in Hoboken, New Jersey, where we met up with the man himself to film this HIP Spotlight. In the video, he talks about music as therapy, the story behind “Between The Lines”, and the hard work involved on everyone’s part.

Watch our HIP Spotlight with Jase Harley and the “Between The Lines” music video below!