PREMIERE: Nasty Habit “Don’t Bring Me Down” MUSIC VIDEO

Syracuse, NY-based hard rock foursome Nasty Habit‘s new video “Don’t Bring Me Down” opens the floodgates of fun and do the same thing their music does: they destroy. The concept behind the “Don’t Bring Me Down” video is not terribly complex or deep, but just Nasty Habit, it’s all about having fun. Set in a rural junkyard the video is a cornucopia of mayhem, destruction, and metal antics. Armed with sledgehammers and baseball bats, the boys of Nasty Habit prowl the yard and go on a rampage that we’ve all been hoping to do ourselves. Spliced in are shots of the band performing with an infectious energy. Hair flips, tongues wag, and sticks twirl as the band blasts through a blistering performance. It’s over the top, it’s energetic, and it’s unapologetically fun! premiered the video today.

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