Premiere: The ORG HIP Spotlight

All summer, we’ve been hard at work promoting The ORG‘s new video for “Assemble.”  The ORG are a Christian hip-hop duo that aim to bring a positive influence to today’s youth through their music. We’re on board with Eargasm, who said that “Assemble” is “everything that’s good about the genre & what’s often missing in today’s disposable predictable, sexual, violent offerings.”

Just a few weeks ago, we met up with Shawn “B-Down” Champan and Clinton “360” Smith to film a HIP Spotlight interview. If you’re looking for true inspiration- music that will invigorate your mind and your soul from the inside out- we highly recommend watching the “Assemble” music video. Check out our HIP Spotlight right here to get to know The ORG and the story behind the video!