Premiere: Sarah Ragsdale HIP Spotlight

This summer, we brought you Sarah Ragsdale‘s old-timey and sweetly romantic video for “This Kiss,” and just a few weeks later, she was back with the clip for “Ferris Wheel.” From her hometown in Maryland to her current residence in New Brunswick, she brings a mixture of pop, jazz, and folk influences to her music for a style she calls “Ragstime.” Her album Whimsical Romance will be released this fall and we can’t wait to hear more.

In September, Sarah Ragsdale stopped by HIP HQ in South River, New Jersey where we filmed a HIP Spotlight with her. Sarah brings an honest yet playful type of storytelling with her music and it was such a delight getting to know her in this video interview!

Watch our HIP Spotlight with Sarah Ragsdale and the “Ferris Wheel” and “This Kiss” music videos below!