PREMIERE: The HIP Spotlight w/ River Becomes Ocean

Nalani & Sarina featured on NPR TV-critic David Bianculli’s website,!
August 28, 2015
River Becomes Ocean WIN mtvU’s The Freshmen!
September 4, 2015
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For a few years already we have witnessed important social phenomenons around music. Ten years ago most bands were basing their songs and music videos on an incessant search for fame and glory whereas, nowadays the use of music to protect or expose sociologic phenomenons and to promote a total commitment to a cause is more and more present on the social medias. It is along these lines that UK-based River Becomes Ocean have decided to create a music video in order to make aware the distress of many people and the danger of isolation and suicide.

In their latest single, “What If I Stay,” Marvin McMahon wrote as much about love as he did about suffering. This song functions as a positive and supportive message for people that end up alone and those who are going through hard moments in life. River Becomes Ocean have always been sympathetic towards the topics of depression and suicide which sadly affect a monumental amount of people in our society, and these conditions and their sufferers are still too much of a taboo. They’ve even enlisted some high profile help by way of Shane Told of Silverstein, who helps to bring the song to a new level.

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to meet up with singer Marvin McMahon and guitarist Danny Snow here in NJ while they were on holiday here in the states to discuss the music video for “What If I Stay” and what it means to them…

Check it out and don’t forget to watch in 720p or 1080p (high quality)!