Preview Kopek’s “Love Is Dead”

Kopek‘s brand new video for for “Love Is Dead” is an ode to old school rock ‘n’ roll videos where it’s stripped to an awesome performance and a scantily clad model parading around, showing her “appreciation for the music,” to say the least. The video starts out with the blonde bombshell model pumping the volume up on her amp. Of course, she’s stripped down to her underwear pacing the room and posing around inappropriately. And there’s Kopek, in their grand, well-lit stage rocking out as hard as they can. While Kopek is declaring what they consider dead (punk, amnesty, drugs and Jesus, among other things), special effects cause the model’s tattoos to animate all over her body. It’s a simple video filled with classic rock ‘n’ roll distractions. Take a look at the clip below.