Preview Steve Russell’s “Bring It Back”

Preview Steve Russell's 'Bring It Back'Steve Russell is just the latest artist to take the short film approach with “Bring It Back.” What you first see is Steve Russell getting out of jail and picking up a pay phone – with no one on the other line. He takes a trip over to a record store, where a customer gives a nod to his former R&B group Troop before Steve Russell is greeted by a woman who is less than enthusiastic to see him. This woman later mentions, “You know he’s a teenager now,” before handing Steve Russell an MP3 player and giving some last-minute advice. The video takes a break in the dialogue and kicks right into the music as Steve Russell walks around his old neighborhood, gets a post-jail makeover in his local barbershop and has hallucinations of the same woman from the record store. Eventually, he runs into a group of teenagers on the street – one of them who just happens to be his son. Just when you think an altercation between the estranged duo is about to take place, Steve Russell breaks into an old school dance off complete with pop-and-locking. There’s a bit of a cliffhanger in the end with Steve Russell walking away from his son as the words “To be continued …” crawls across the screen. See it all for yourself below.