Royal Bliss roars back into the music scene

Royal Bliss
The unluckiest band in rock, Royal Bliss, is roaring back to life with the single, “Save Me,” which will sure to vault them high up in the music scene. Released in July, it serves as a herald for what’s to come on their new album, due to be released later this year , called Life In-Between.

Earlier in their career, Royal Bliss was a prominent face on-stage, sharing space with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, Everclear, Kid Rock and Maroon 5. But the band fell into near-obscurity when it hit some unlucky patches.

Frontman Neal Middleton fell about 35 feet from a balcony in Southern California, paralyzing the lower half of his body. Guitarist Chris Harding punctured his face in a skiing accident. Guitarist Taylor Richards broke his foot, totaled cars, got involved in lawsuits–but things are looking up now. Middleton has rehabilitated himself, to the point where he can play soccer. And the group is enjoying an enthusiastic reception to their new single.

“Save Me” has a powerful impact, a burst of raw emotion, with ripping guitars and screaming vocals. The drums are urgent and frenetic. It hits you right in the center of your chest, like a well-aimed punch. Much recommended for fans of heavy metal.