Sarah Jaffe Living Room Tour

Sarah Jaffe

The Undertow Collective, established in 1996, is pleased to be helping one of HIP Video Promo’s favorite clients, Sarah Jaffe, put together her first ever Living Room Tour. Throughout the month of May, some local Californian residents have a chance to let Undertow and Sarah Jaffe borrow their living room for a couple of hours in return for five free tickets. Hosts will be expected to offer a “living-room-style” room for up to forty or fifty guests who will witness one of Jaffe’s most interesting and intimate performances known to date! Tickets will only be sold for twenty dollars, giving guests a chance to see Sarah at a reasonable price.

In the meantime, Sarah Jaffe will be making appearances at this year’s Untapped Festival alongside Deer Tick, Tennis, and Justin Townes Earl in late April. Following up this event, she’ll also be performing at the Texas Crawfish and Music Festival with the Toadies! Jaffe will finish up the month at Brazos Hall in Austin, TX with The Eastern Sea.

Be sure to get your hands on a ticket to one of Sarah’s upcoming events, and visit for the latest news on Sarah Jaffe.