Shara Worden, a.k.a My Brightest Diamond, pulls us into her dreams

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August 22, 2008
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August 24, 2008
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While many electronic musicians avoid the traditional guitars so very present in rock n’ roll songs, a new face in the electronic scene, My Brightest Diamond (a.k.a Shara Worden), blends together sonic sounds, classic influences, and traditional guitar and drums into a seamless mix.

Like Jeff Buckley, My Brightest Diamond wins listeners over by using heavily emotional crescendos. Like Bjork, she pulls out wacky rythmns and a soaring classically-trained voice.

And, also like Bjork, Shara Worden uses images lull you into a dreamy, trippy state. Her new video for “From the Top of the World,” off of A Thousand Shark’s Teeth, rivals Bjorks “Hunter” video as far as weirdness and trippiness goes, I think. She keeps turning into a paper-mache rag doll. And climbs a ladder to the moon. And buttons up–not her dress–but her chest. Check it out below.