Stunning scenery and an undeniably amazing song pack a powerful punch, “Belong”, from a sensational new talent with international inspiration and global appeal… ROXINY!

HIP Video Promo is pleased to introduce Roxiny, an exciting new artist who emanates passion and fluidity within her love for music. With experiences revolving around travel and different cultures, this New York City based talent captures ideas of life and human existence in her upcoming debut video for “Belong.”

Roxiny was born in the Dominican Republic, where she gained her love for music at an early age. Her parents surrounded her with an array of genres from flamenco, salsa to classical and other world/eclectic genres, and soon enough, Roxiny developed her own interests in music. Having been raised in countries such as Italy, Panama, but primarily Spain, Roxiny has gained much appreciation for cultural experiences. Having lived in such exotic places throughout the world, this budding artist has made a large impact on the underground music scene. Her experiences and love for the art of music shine through every one of her songs, and within the video for “Belong,” we get a glimpse of this so-called passion that she owns.

“Belong” is a song that captures the idea that life does not belong to one single person—it belongs to a higher, more imaginative being. Roxiny is seen following a young throughout throughout an exotic forest, and even through a landfill. She then finds her, and their two hands touch, promoting the balance of life and nature. The young girl stands for a metaphor of life, which is hard to get a hold of throughout the chaotic and sometimes anxious filled moments. However, Roxiny’s profound lyrics and captivating vocals transcend contemporary music of today and bring her passions and ideas to a deeper level.
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