Susan James “Driving Toward The Sun” FULL ALBUM STREAM via AOL Spinner

Susan James’ brand new record, Driving Toward The Sun, released this past Tuesday, is already being showered with love and support. Check out what people are saying…

“Production?  A-plus.  Performance?  A-plus.  Songwriting?  A-plus.  No need to go on.  This is A-plus across the boards.” –

“(Susan is) a master at exploring the emotional and sonic possibilities” – The Los Angeles Times

“A serenade of broken hearted love songs filled with melancholy embraces reaching to freedom’s door. James’ voice breathes clarity and soothes the soul with folk ridden melodies and comfortable bridges.” –
…and it’s been less than a week since it was released! 

  Click HERE to head on over to AOL Spinner to hear the whole album for yourself!