Take a tour of Jared Scharff’s crib

Jared Scharffs crib

Jared Scharff, frontman for the Royals and guitarist for Saturday Night Live, shows his fans his sweet New York City crib in an SNL clip on his MySpace Web site.

There are no swimming pools filled with chocolate pudding here. Scarff, who lives in the East Village, has a teeny tiny kitchen and no closet for his clothes (he uses a bookshelf for that.) His pad also includes such goodies as sex coupons and a fake beard and hat that Scharff is very attached to. Evidently, he likes how it allows him to give off a “Hasidic hippie vibe.”

But his room offers a panoramic view of New York City, which makes it all worth it, of course.

The SNL clip is embedded below for your viewing pleasure:

Jared Scharff and The Royals are an up-and-coming band who love to rock out while maintaining a carefully-crafted, sweet emo edge. In this clip, they introduce themselves: