Tera Melos: Intruiging math rock

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April 16, 2009
The Frantic: Energized pop punk
April 18, 2009

Tera Melos

Sprialing in and out of beats, Tera Melos makes complex, complicated music appear easy. Effortlessly, they move from time signature to time signature. Influenced by everything from jazz to hardcore punk, they blend in disparate elements from different genres to create a tight-knit masterpiece quilt.

Taking their cue form math-rock greats like Slint, they focus on getting the technical aspects of the song just right–tightening the screws on every tiny beat, guitar riff, and forming symphonies out of rock music.

Although their shows used to be more about “hanging on ceilings” and “doing cartwheels,” they’ve toned down recently, engaging the audience solely by way of the music, allowing them to enjoy and savor every second.

They are going on tour starting on the 10th in Arizona. And the album Drugs to Dear Youth will be released on vinyl by that time for those audiophiles among you.

Also check out the video for their cover of “Hey Sandy,” below. It’s a throwback to a Nickelodeon classic: