The Feelings Hijackers are back at it!

Once again, Magmata Records presents us with a visual cornucopia of green screen delight and animated bliss from HIP favorites The Feelings Hijackers. Having brought you three previous videos from these groundbreaking talents, we are proud to present their fourth, and probably strongest, offering entitled “Dirty Limousine.” Using a number of classic and eccentric instruments, and channeling the essence of such artists as Menomena and Lemon Jelly, The Feelings Hijackers deliver enticing and inspirational music that will guide you through the contents of every day life.

Chris Ballew of Presidents of The United States of America and Outtasite, a Sir Mix-A-Lot protégé, has formed the unforgettably unique collaboration known as The Feelings Hijackers. Blended by rock-infused elements and inspirational hip-hop beats, their music contains eclectic vibes that can be compared to artists such as Moby and Fat Boy Slim. The 1990s saw Ballew as a large counterpart to alternative rock music with catchy songs such as “Peaches” and “Lump,” but with The Feelings Hijackers, we experience a transformation that is undeniable to the contemporary indie-rock/hip-hop music scene of today. His sidekick, Outtasite, has added a unique style that adds harmony and fluidity to The Feelings Hijackers. We brought you “Soul Rollin,” “Goodbye Sunny,” and “In My Skin,” and now HIP Video Promo presents you with “Dirty Limousine.” 

From the hit album SupeRecord, “Dirty Limousine” is a song that captures the fleeting moments of life. Set in the back seat of a limo, both Outtasite and Ballew are scene cruising through the countryside, the desert, and city streets with a skeleton at the wheel. Directed by Dmitri Antos and Philip Harvey, the video captures ideas revolving around every day life, and even hints at the ever-lingering concept of immortality.