The Feelings Hijackers are BACK with new single, “In My Skin”

The 1990s saw Chris Ballew as a huge part of alternative music. With catchy songs such as, “Lump,” “Peaches,” and “Kitty,” his music still exists within the file cabinets of our minds. However, with The Feelings Hijackers, we see a different side of Chris that we’ve never seen before. Although he may still be eating peaches, his music is capturing an entirely different essence of emotion than that of Presidents of The United States of America. With his major accomplice, Outtasite, Chris Ballew creates an almost psychedelic feel to these new sets of tunes. The Feelings Hijackers clearly have a good number of years in training under their belt, and it is understood through the craft of their music in which they uniquely display it. Partnered with Magmata Records, The Feelings Hijackers have a unique set of creative and powerful material that will not go unnoticed.

In their new video for “In My Skin,” we encounter a series of different scenes; these scenes captivate all different views of nature and through these perspectives, we become one with the song. With a catchy hook sung by Chris Ballew, and sensational rhymes by Outtasite, the song reels you in and grabs hold of your eardrums right from the get-go. The psychedelic swirls and colors enhance the video’s energy, sending you on a trip you’ll never forget. The lyrics and melodies are incredibly enticing, and after viewing it once you’ll want to see it played on repeat.

The majestic creation of The Feelings Hijackers is entirely different than anything that is currently being performed or recorded. With hints of memories from the 1990s, and soulful beats from rhythmic hip-hop artists, there is no way to deny this collaboration. The combination is perfectly soothing, yet upbeat in ways that will leave you wanting more and “In My Skin” exemplifies such. There is no denying the sounds of Chris Ballew, and you may mistake it for Presidents of The United States, but as soon as you hear the captivating voice of Outtasite you’ll realize that this is something of it’s own.