The Leftovers: “Telephone Operator”

The Leftovers

The Leftovers are from Portland, Maine, a place one does not usually put in same category as such artistically-inclined, social misfit-filled places such as Chicago and Seattle.

But Portland is, allegedly, a place teeming with punk rockers, and yet, unlike New York City, it’s cheap, kind of. The last inexpensive place on the New England coast.

Artistic ferment is rife in this place–and The Leftovers are one great thing coming out of it.

The Leftovers wind punk up into tightly-coiled, loud pop-punk songs that cruise out of your stereo. They’re great for those days when you drive in your car and you just feel like singing along–with fun lyrics and engaging hooks, they make for the best solo car performances. Not that I’m speaking from experience. Or anything.

Watch the video for “Telephone Operator” below: