The Woodies get everyone excited!

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November 15, 2008
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November 18, 2008

The Woodies
Stereogum is featuring some stellar moments from the MTVU Woodie Awards. They captured the major faces attending that evening in a large 35-photo spread, and the pictures can be found here.

The Woodie Awards, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, are given out to artists featured on the MTVu college network. The awards are referred to as woodies because the awards are, well, wood.

Apparently, wooden prizes suits the college network’s honorary ceremony more than any gold-gilded trophy (or moon men, for that matter). After all, the network’s audience is broke.

According to Rolling Stone’s online mag, here’s the winners:

Woodie of the Year – Paramore
The Breaking Woodie (A.K.A., Best Breakout Artist) – There For Tomorrow
Left Field Woodie – (A.K.A., Most Original Artist) Chromeo
Best Video Woodie – Motion City Soundtrack “It Had to be You”
The Good Woodie – (A.K.A., Greatest Social Impact) Jack’s Mannequin – “Dear Jack Foundation.” According to Rolling Stone, this foundation was “established by lead singer, Andrew McMahon, a leukemia survivor. This group raises money and awareness for cancer research.”
Performing Woodie – (A.K.A., Best Tour) Atmosphere
College Radio Woodie – (A.K.A, Best Campus Radio Station) 91.7 FM, WICB Ithaca College
Best Music on Campus Woodie – The Bride Wore Black