Cruiserweight continues touring, despite dying van

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Cruiserweight continues touring

Cruiserweight’s on-tour with the Pink Spiders and Mondo Primo, hitting up Pittsburgh on Nov. 20, then cutting across to Ohio the next night. After that, they will be bouncing back and forth from Chicago to Ohio for a bit.

According to Mondo Primo’s blog, Cruiserweight’s been having some van problems and has had to miss a few shows because of it. They were stuck at Applebee’s for three days waiting for their van to be fixed.

According to the blog, one of the Cruiserweight members remarked that, “I love touring. Not playing the shows though… Mostly I love drinking at the Applebee’s next door to the Pep Boys.”

But in their most recent post, it seems Cruiserweight’s van has been fixed, and they were able to drive all the way form Miami to South Carolina in it without an incident. However, now Mando Primo’s van apparently has two blown-out tires and a broken window. Yikes.