Val Emmich sticks “American Girl” in primetime

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October 5, 2008
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October 7, 2008

Val Emmich is strutting his stuff on Ugly Betty, recently covering Tom Petty’s “American Girl,” on-set–exposing his musical interpretation to the world.
But although Val Emmich is hot and plays the guitar like no one else, Ugly Betty is having none of that. She’s pissed at him for making noise in the apartment complex. The plot thickens.

His recurring role on Ugly Betty is getting him great exposure. His video for “Get On With It” is soaring to new heights on the MTVu charts, and everybody’s clicking into his MySpace page like crazy. Val Emmich is launching a soon-to-be-huge, bona-fide musical career. Check out his “American Girl” cover–and his video premier on the show here.