Video Premiere: Japan Soul “Hey Yah Hey” via!

Japan Soul
This afternoon influential music website, premiered the fantastic new music video, “Hey Yah Hey,” by rising NY-based indie electro pop trio Japan Soul — check out a sample of what they had to say ….
The video taps into “Hey Yah Hey”‘s sound that fuses “contemporary indie pop, art rock, 90s dance music, funk and new wave” with its rebellious spirit and unconventional perspective. “Hey Yah Hey” is lifted from Japan Soul’s upcoming LP, titled Plastic Utopia, is an artful protest of the times. “The album is mostly a compendium of my thoughts on these troubled times,” says Jason Paul. “The conceptual premise of Plastic Utopia is that we have slipped into an apocalyptic alternate universe caused by a rift in time that began around the year 2000. 911, Iraq, the great recession…it feels like in the 90s we were living at “The End of History” (Fukuyama) on course to avoid all these terrible calamities. Things are no longer as they should be. On Plastic Utopia, Japan Soul gives voice to the artistic resistance of this dystopian world.”