Introducing: The Como Brothers Band

Musicians and bands speak often of the kinship that develops over the years of writing, performing, recording, touring, and everything that goes into chasing and obtaining their dreams. In most cases it is merely a metaphor for a close relationship, but for The Como Brothers Band it really is about family. Anchored by songwriters Andrew and Matt Como, the group is a collection of musicians that value organic music, musicianship, and songs with original integrity.

They knew early on that music would be more than just simply a hobby, but rather a way of life. They were encouraged by their parents at an early age and while most of us were merely fascinated with the idea of live music and performing, they were cutting their teeth (maybe even baby teeth?) at family parties and social functions. By the time they had reached their teens and now their early twenties they were an experienced and well-oiled machine.

Audiences throughout the Long Island and New York City have been taking notice as the band has been earning recognition and accolades everywhere from Warped Tour and opening for The Wallflowers on the live front, Real World St. Thomas and Keeping Up With The Kardashians on the licensing front, and syndicated radio like Pandora, Revolver Underground, New Driven Cruisin Show, and many more! Full bio HERE!

Without further adieu …  check out “Straight Face” & “Late Nights”