VIDEO PREMIERE: “Where Have I Been All My Life” – Friend Slash Lover

Friend Slash Lover

Friend Slash Lover’s music video for “Where Have I Been All My Life” was shot entirely on a “Pixelvision” camera. Made for kids by Fisher-Price in the 80s, the camera is unique in that it records video onto magnetic audio cassette and is renowned for it’s lo-fi look. The video was accepted into the PXL THIS 21 Film Fest, an annual screening of films made specifically with this camera.

The retro looking video was shot and directed by renowned fine art photographer Sarah Baley . Sarah did an incredible job bringing this video to life. She shot most of the footage in Brooklyn and came back to LA to shoot the scenes of Josh in his pool.

There were a few false starts, since the famously fragile camera’s record button broke (and so did the one on the spare camera) and it took many weeks of trial and error and research to figure out how to digitize the footage. The result is a very unassuming, nostalgic-feeling video that feels like a poem as it plays off the music beautifully.

The cool thing is, this video has the feel of the video monitors used in Gates and ironically it wasn’t planned. To the Gates soundtrack, and the comic itself, this song represented the awakening of Gates. As he awakens from his dream his life has just flashed before his eyes. This song encapsulates that moment. (See image below)

The video was edited by David Au, who also edited Friend Slash Lover’s, ”Breakin Up video”, and it was produced by Josh Mintz through his creative agency, Switch Imaging.