Vote for ON-THE-GO on mtvU’s The Freshmen!

As we tell everyone,  ON-THE-GO is a force to be reckoned with. The rapidly rising, Moscow-based indie-pop quintet create deeply stirring musical landscapes made up of warm, highly atmospheric undertones, exquisitely layered in heartfelt and hard-hitting instrumentation. In other words: Check them out ASAP.

We’re huge fans, which is why the fact that they’re competing in mtvU’s latest round of The Freshmen competition is a big, big deal. If they win, the stunning music video for their mesmerizing single, “Keep Pretending,” will earn a spot in regular rotation over at mtvU and it deserves it.

This message is a call to arms for all supporters of ON-THE-GO (US-based and abroad) to follow the link below and vote as many times as you possibly can.

This competition is a two-weeker, so keep that in mind and if you’re a big fan like us, please keep up the support through July 22nd!

You can VOTE HERE!

And if you haven’t seen it yet… check out the “Keep Pretending” video below!