Powerhouse trio delivers a heaping helping of killer 90’s indie pop rock… Eastern Anchors “Above Your Station”

Formed from the ashes of indie stalwarts Aviso’Hara, principle players in the fertile New Brunswick, NJ music scene of the late 90’s and early 00’s, comes Eastern Anchors, who have been blowing listeners’ eardrums since 2007. Their newest aural assault, a split 7-inch single, finds the group — Walter (guitar/vocal), Dave (bass/vocals) and Ken (Drums) — sharing sides with fellow hub city rockers Zero for Conduct. The Anchors’ contribution, “Above Your Station,” is an impassioned reminder that their brand of 90’s indie needs to be kept alive even when much of the world turns a deaf ear and will instantly excite fans of classic Gen X bands like Sugar, Dinosaur Jr and Jawbreaker.

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