Vulture Whale made an impressive appearance at SXSW

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Vulture Whale

Birmingham’s Vulture Whale made a grand appearance at South By Southwest, according to a Birmingham local music news outfit,, who said Vulture Whale put on “a hell of a show,” as did many of the other bands from the big B. The poster, Whitney Sides Mitchell, also said he has “never been so proud of Birmingham” as he was during SXSW.

Vulture Whale is an intriguing blend of deep-fried, southern riffs, and noisy, buzzy, My Bloody Valentine-inspired sounds. The lyrics are also unique and winding. As the mag Thicket said in a review of the band, Vulture Whale “creates a sprawling twang that allows McDonald’s narratives to experly shuck and give.”

Watch their newest video below: