Watch: Kwanza Jones “SUPERCHARGED”

Throughout her new single/video, “SUPERCHARGED,” Kwanza Jones puts her star power on display for the world to see. With a stark white backdrop, her style and eager performances are highlighted making this rising star hard to miss. The video is shot with professional techniques that include a wide variety of pro lighting and scenery changes to help lead us through the scenes. Kwanza Jones sings into the eye of the camera as male dancers surround her in a circle, making Jones’ role in “SUPERHCARGED” that of a diva-queen. Her look can be leveled as a new-age/contemporary Cleopatra, and what better person to bow down to other than Kwanza Jones herself? Her look is inviting and inspirational, her stylistic approach is rousing, and she captivates this style all throughout the risqué scenes of “SUPERCHARGED.”