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April 19, 2024
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April 24, 2024

RarriQUESO x Popkanon “SAVE YOUR CRY”

Which means the future is here. “SAVE YOUR CRY,” the new single from the Chicago Latin pop artist RarriQUESO and Oslo, Norway electronic Popkanon, has all the hallmarks of an international smash. It combines elements of American acoustic folk-rock, Caribbean reggaeton, Scandinavian techno-pop, and inspirational music that could only be called celestial in origin. And does it in a manner designed to appeal to dedicated listeners of those styles and casual playlist streamers alike. RarriQUESO has one of those golden voices that works in any mix: it’s sweet, smooth, deeply communicative, and effortlessly emotional. Whether he’s singing in English or in Spanish he’ll make listeners feel every word.

The single follows “Bar Colombia,” a 2023 collaboration between RarriQUESO, Popkanon, Isiah Ollie f.k.a Exclusive, and producer Stephan Smirou that lit up clubs in the Northern and Southern hemispheres alike. That track was a pure hedonistic celebration and a channeling of Caribbean sunshine, and it was a substantial hit on Oslo radio. For “SAVE YOUR CRY,” they’re keeping the elements that made “Bar Colombia” irresistible, but digging a little deeper. The singer’s message will resonate in any society: he’s warning listeners to put aside negative thoughts and embrace healing energies. The best testimonial imaginable to the power of harmony, respect between peoples, and positive thinking is the song itself. The American-Latino singer-songwriter and the Norwegian producers sound like they were born to complement each other.

Click here for the full “SAVE YOUR CRY” artist page

Dylan Taylor “Smoke Clears”

In “Smoke Clears,” the universal feeling of being engulfed in fear is captured and brought to life. Fears vary between individuals, whether it be spiders and snakes, or the dark, or perhaps fear of heights. But, one of the scariest things can involve someone who you were so close to, to be lost forever. The issues between two people can serve as life‘s greatest nightmares, but staying grounded, with a clear mind can be enough to scare any problems away; moments where you need to release your baggage can interfere with those around you, but trusting yourself and the timing of it all, is quite often just what the doctor ordered. With upbeat rhythms and jamming guitars, Dylan rocks away as she sings an anthem that disperses any fear.

Click here for the full “Smoke Clears” artist page

Cleo Alexandra “Cigarette Lover”

The process of the music video was quite different from a typical approach. The video was created using Kaiber AI, a complete learning curve, and a liberating experience as she was able to use her creativity to another level.  AI brings to life the fictional storyline of a murderous villain known as the Cigarette Lover who is on the run from the police after escaping from Prison. She describes the video as “when you’re in your villain era and need a song to sing at the top of your lungs as a cathartic release while trying to move on from your toxic ex.” The captivating lyrics alongside the constantly moving and flashy visuals combine to make this a work of art in a new time of artificial intelligence taking over the music industry.

Click here for the full “Cigarette Lover” artist page

Joe L. Murgo “Strong!”

Throughout our lives, and especially the last four years, all of us have had to navigate through an obstacle course of problems and uncertainties. “Strong!” captures the zeitgeist of the increasingly crazy and unpredictable world we live in, a rallying cry to remind the global human community to stay resilient and never surrender without fighting the good fight. Strong! features a dynamic young country male lead vocal built around a wall of powerful country rock guitars and an amazing jump-out-of-your-chair chorus.

According to Joe, “I wrote ‘Strong!’ to help those who are down, to get back up. To encourage those close to quitting, to keep trying. To inspire those who have lost their faith, to keep believing. And to urge those who are discouraged and weary… to be strong! If ‘Strong!’ doesn’t get you pumped up, better check the heart monitor!”

Click here for the full “Strong!” artist page

Terri Bannister “Visitation”

The music video for “Visitation” encapsulates Bannister‘s unwavering faith and belief in divine intervention. At its core, the video is a beacon of hope, symbolizing the omnipresence of God and His ability to communicate across all barriers. Bannister embodies this message, dressed in white, evoking a sense of purity and transcendence.

“Visitation” is soulful, spiritual and superbly orchestrated. A song that serves not only as a call to action, but a suave for the emotional wounds that can sometimes take years to heal. Throughout the video, poignant moments of solitude underscore the artist’s devotion to prayer and worship. Accompanied by beautiful vocals, these scenes resonate with simplicity, inviting viewers to embrace spirituality in its purest form.

Click here for the full “Visitation” artist page

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