Aqua Seca “Don’t Care” premieres on New Noise Magazine!

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January 10, 2020
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January 13, 2020

Today is the day for Aqua Seca to shine: the premiere of their “Don’t Care” music video hit the New Noise Magazine website. New Noise is a popular print magazine available at stores like Barnes & Noble. It’s for true lovers of music; those who still buy merchandise and shop at record stores. They might be on the shelves at many booksellers, but they are also directly at the shows and in the studio space. The Great Salt Lake in Utah is the setting for “Don’t Care” and was one of the most exhausting and physically intensive obstacles Aqua Seca has ever been through, which is why they loved every part of it.

Check out the premiere on New Noise Magazine HERE!

The psychedelic rock trio is led by frontman Trent Hankinson, who crafts each sonic element and instrument melody. The began playing music together in high school and couldn’t let their time and effort go to waste. They hustled throughout 2019, filming a music video every few months.

In “Don’t Care,” the sun glares off the white sand, making you squint your eyes from the reflection even though you’re watching it through your laptop. Our star takes a seat in the middle of the desert and consumes substances that begin a drug-induced haze. He plays tug-a-war with enlarged pupils and takes a random car out for some drifting. As the world becomes dizzy, we find our main character at a poker table challenging stuffed animals. Although in the end he feels emotionally and physically constrained, he manages to set himself free.

Written by HIP Administrative Assistant, Melissa Ng.