Big Elf writes about Cheat the Gallows

Big Elf

On their MySpace page, Bigelf writes about their debut album, Cheat The Gallows, a psychedelic journey that makes use of progressive rock infused with style.

“Our genetic codes are from the great ones, the great acts and rock groups of the past,” says frontman Damon Fox said in their MySpace article. “We’ve been exploring taboo grounds for a long time, and the oxygen is really thin up here. It’s a very high mentality, and there’s very little room for error. When you get into those psychedelic and progressive rock categories, you’re battling some of the greatest shit that ever existed, so you’re either going to be great, or you’re going to suck.”

Bigelf takes the cue from such big names as Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and even The Beatles to rework progressive rock as we know it, taking us on an epic journey. The album is full of cimematic flourishes, and assaulting drums and guitar.

Bigelf said on their MySpace page that they’re intent on breaking ground in progressive rock–and I have no doubt they alreayd have with Cheat The Gallows.