Combichrist takes the ‘angel’ out of Los Angeles

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November 29, 2008
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December 3, 2008


Combichrist are rearing their ugly heads in Los Angeles this Friday, coming to Das Bunker in Los Angeles, a famous–and infamous–industrial and ebm night club that corners fans of these genres from all over.

The night club boasts various DJs that wouldn’t hesitate to cut your head off with a saw. Or something.

People come for the darkness and brooding, and they come for all the beer-splattered, sticky-floored dancing. They come to meet up with people from various walks of life that all share one thing in common–the love for the pounding genres of music that Combichrist performs.

Basically, they come to rock out in the dark.

Combichrist will be spinning their album in full that night–Today We Are All Demons. In addition, they’re premiering the music video for “Sent To Destroy.”

Go, have fun, drink, be merry.