Sarah Jaffe’s Daytrotter session, featuring Will Johnson

One of our most loved artists, Sarah Jaffe, seems to always be presenting the world with new and outstanding music. Fittingly, she has recently released a new Daytrotter session featuring the artist Will Johnson.The song captures the energy that has always existed within Jaffe’s music, and she has an incredible aura and energy that is combined with the essence of Will Johnson’s style that makes this song simply irresistible.

Her first single “Glorified High” from the album The Body Wins has been recently added and made available to iTunes listeners. The Body Wins was written by Jaffe’s driving and wise ruminations on human behavior. Throughout June and July of this year, she has teamed up with Norah Jones and Blitzen Trappr to present fans with these so-called interesting and delectable accounts of life through the sounds of her music. 

The extent of Sarah Jaffe’s talent is sky-high, and here at HIP Video Promo, we look forward to the stylistic and well-grounded music that this talent puts forth.

Check out Johnson and Jaffe’s beautiful collaboration at: