Alexa Friedman “Meant To Be”

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Alexa Friedman
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“Meant To Be”
Spencer D. Evans
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December 1, 2017


Alexa Friedman is a shooting star in a never ending sky of independent pop artists. In the year 2017, creating and releasing music as an independent artist is the way to go. On one hand, we have access to endless creative outlets, but on the other hand, independent music has become an incredibly oversaturated market, where only the very few diamonds in the rough can shine through. Alexa Friedman is one of those diamonds. Her brand new music video for “Meant To Be”, burns so bright, it is impossible to see past the entrancing light of Alexa Friedman.

This star is no stranger to entertainment. Having started singing and acting at the age of 4, Alexa already has a decade of experience under her belt. She began as the spokesperson for her parent’s small business, being featured in print, TV and radio. One taste of that life and she had found her calling. In 2017, this 14-year old triple threat is annually working the Los Angeles circuit of acting, singing, and dancing. She’s already appeared in several shows such as The Middle, School of Rockand Walk The Prank, as well as linking up with vocal coach and songwriter Estani Frizzell.

Coming out with her first single, “Enraptured” only 3 months ago, she has already amassed an impressive 100,000+ views on the official music video. The video also earned the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Independent Music Video. Capitalizing on the incredible footing she’s firmly established, Alexa Friedman is coming right back with a new video for the song, “Meant To Be”. This empowering pop anthem is a more personal side of Friedman, with a message that speaks to the souls of young dreamers striving for more and pushing themselves to be the person they truly wish to be.

Filmed on a beautiful isolated beach, Spirinity Productions and Spencer D. Evans have made magic yet again. The radiant vibe they capture truly gives “Meant To Be” the positive visual representation it needs. With the theme of blossoming into the next phase of life, Alexa transforms into a mermaid, gazing upon the seas with pure bliss. There is sure to be much more of this radiant confidence to come in the bright-shining early career of Alexa Friedman.

It’s a pleasure to be able to work with the Alexa Friedman team to help get the word out about this exceptional talent and her captivating new video. This remarkable young artist is impossible not to root for; the songs she sings are terrific, her look is dazzling, her confidence is undeniable, and the sky’s the limit! Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team to find out more and to let us know what we can do to get this into your programming. Call (732) 613-1779, email or visit for more info on Alexa Friedman.

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