Bruce Sudano “Keep Doin’ What You’re Doin'”


Bruce Sudano
“Keep Doin’ What You’re Doin'”
Directed by Elliot Mason
Add date – 9/17/2020

About Bruce Sudano

A household name like Bruce Sudano is prominent for his extensive music career both on stage and behind the scenes. The singer/songwriter is a former member of pop-rock bands Brooklyn Dreams and Alive N Kickin’. His genre versatility makes him a key player for some of the biggest tracks in pop history, like a country-pop hit for Dolly Parton, an electro-funk track for his late wife Donna Summer, and a radio gem for Michael Jackson. The Brooklyn-born star could retire thanks to his massive commercial success, but his solo career shows no signs of taking a break. Sudano has taken an Americana route in upcoming EP, Spirals Vol. 2… Time & The Space In Between and addresses subjects that are more sincere than what other artists sing about. He designates his acoustic guitar and voice as his weapon of choice against the daily obstacles of the human experience.

Sudano now runs the indie record label, Purple Heart Recording Company, and has toured alongside diverse musicians like Johnnyswim and The Zombies. Every day of his life is centered around his music, and every single day he still finds creative inspiration and time for improvement. He continues to blur the line between folk, blues, and pop to create lyrically honest music that is universal.

About the video

No matter the portrayal method, Sudano always executes his introspective message in a fluid way. His new music video, “Keep Doin’ What You’re Doin’,” is completed similarly to his prior video, “The Mountain.” The cut-and-paste animation approach keeps the video lighthearted and spirited like the rhythmic acoustic guitar while the clipart explores everywhere from the living room to the fabric of space and time. The lyrics suggest a new relationship that is filled with passion and excitement, ones that are rare to come by. The relationship that’s making him feel so nice? His brand-new massage chair, of course! Sudano perfectly explains to Classic Hits Today, “You’ve lived, you’ve loved, you’ve lost and then boom, there it is, someone sets your soul on fire.” When you find the right person (or chair), every bit of them allows you to let go of your senses and fall down an unexplored yet gratifying, unified path.

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