Carolee Rainey “Hard Times In The Heart”

Carolee Rainey
“Hard Times In The Heart”
Directed by David Veslocki
Saffire Records
Add date – 2/16/2024

About May Fall

For Carolee Rainey, expressing her thoughts through song is more than a creative outlet, but rather a calling. She takes any moment and finds meaning, effortlessly translating it into a harmonious journey through the mind.  Just years ago, Carolee enjoyed a musical performance and instantly knew it was her time to create something of her own. With hours devoted to mastering an acoustic sound combined with her message, Carolee soon carved her path to the perfect melody by staying true to herself and always looking to improve her abilities as an artist.  Harnessing the roots of folk-Americana sounds, Carolee dances on the strings and keys of her acoustic instruments, creating organic sounds that ring through her captivating lyrics. With music and words combined, Carolee is a true storyteller in its raw and natural form, she writes for herself and those on the same journey as she navigates life.

About “Hard Times In The Heart”

In the first song she ever wrote, “Hard Times in the Heart”, she brings us on a journey of a relationship hitting its all-time highs and lows all within moments of each other. She accomplishes the impossible by encapsulating both her pain and longing for something new with each note played, for her emotions are powerful enough to create a perfect balance between good and bad feelings one feels in heartbreak. Love can make the mind run wild and seem perfect in simple, lovely moments. As time passes, however, priorities change, inevitably changing the relationship and course of each other’s life. Although it makes its mark on the heart, leaving seems the only option. Even then, the heart feels a sense of loss while on a new journey. Will these uncertain times ever mend the heart and the memories that they had?

About the Music Video

Filmed in the overcast sky of the East Coast shores, Carolee immerses herself in the atmosphere of individuality while reflecting on love The video brings us through the duration of a relationship; a man and woman clearly involved with each other and in love. But, as the days go by, frustration and dissatisfaction dissolve any moment that once meant something, and ignoring each other becomes abandoning each other. Carolee feels the wind and mist in the air while she sings and dances to her lyrics.

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