Fleet Foxes “Mykonos”

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Sean Pecknold
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March 9, 2009


Hey, everybody, it’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo, here with the latest clip from the most critically-acclaimed new band in the world. That sounds like hyperbole, sure, but it’s a boast we’ll stand by. After making a clean sweep of the Best of 2008 lists, who out there can compete with Robin Pecknold and Fleet Foxes? Check the Metacritic score: Pecknold’s band enjoys universal acclaim. Publications as disparate as Pitchfork and Billboard called Fleet Foxes the album of the year. The band’s stellar debut topped hundreds of published Top Ten lists, and thousands upon thousands of unofficial ones..

And of course it doesn’t stop there. Fleet Foxes has become an international chart phenomenon as well as a leftfield favorite – one of the few bands whose excellence the pop cognoscenti and mainstream listeners can agree on. The Northwestern quintet has already sold more than two hundred thousand copies of their debut in Europe. In the United States, Fleet Foxes broke into the Billboard top forty; over in the United Kingdom, the debut album peaked at number three. They’ve sold out tours on three continents, and are currently one of the hottest concert draws in America. It’s an astonishing achievement for a band with a singular sound, and one that has never made any concessions whatsoever to commercial expectation. That they’ve succeeded as wildly as they have is testament to the band’s radiant sound, Pecknold’s irresistible voice, the Foxes’ unmistakable harmonies, and some of the strongest songwriting to come from Seattle since the heyday of Nirvana.

Yes, it was a heady ’08 for Fleet Foxes, and they’ve carried that momentum into 2009. “Mykonos”, the band’s latest single, is already climbing charts on both sides of the Atlantic. The ecstatic popular reception of “Mykonos” is a particular treat to longtime supporters of the band: it was, for many listeners, the highlight of Sun Giant, Fleet Foxes’ limited-release debut EP. The group appended a slightly-altered version of the track to their album (as they did with the rest of Sun Giant), and introduced an entirely new audience to one of their most memorable and ambitious songs. As is the case with many Fleet Foxes cuts, “Mykonos” avoids verse-chorus convention, instead building to a stunning release. The Fleet Foxes harmonize with immense sweetness and precision: for three minutes, they make time stop. You may remember that Sean Pecknold, the talented brother of the Fleet Foxes frontman, directed the dream-haunted clip for “White Winter Hymnal”. He’s back with another trippy animated video – and this one is abstract, kaleidoscopic, slightly sinister, and immensely engrossing. The “Mykonos” clip is a geometric reverie; triangles tumbling through space, forming recognizable shapes, and just as suddenly breaking up into component parts. The drawings are dark, shadowed, and dense – paper airplanes become castles, shapes assemble and re-assemble, disintegrate and slide across luminous backdrops. It’s a strange, surreal world that the Pecknolds have created, and the deep forest of figures that they’ve animated comes to weird and shimmering life.

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