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Jason Honneycutt
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October 20, 2008


Hello music lovers – it’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo, hoping you’re having an audacious beginning of the fall season. The weather is getting colder, Halloween a little closer, and the shadows a little longer. Fun in the sun is over, there’s an October chill in the air, and that means it’s time to turn our attention to the heavy music. And few can make their twin-guitar attack sound as sinister as the aptly-named Pop Evil: a ferocious quintet from Grand Rapids, Michigan that might be the next great hard rock band.

From their skull-decked logo to the pugnacious video for “Hero” to the group’s roughneck wardrobe, Mohawks, and long hair, Pop Evil has their black-hearted iconography in order. But none of that would matter if the music wasn’t so bludgeoning – Pop Evil is the sort of band that isn’t afraid to grab listeners by the collar and shake them up. Singer Leigh Kakaty has a voice big enough to stand up to the band’s heavy wattage, and when he lets loose with a scream, it’s practically a seismic event. Lipstick On The Mirror is a debut only in name: the set has been a long time in the making, and adventurous rock fans in the Upper Midwest know these songs well. This fall, Pop Evil will be taking to the road with Tesla for a national tour, and introducing their muscular sound to the rest of us.

The group makes no secret of their bruising blue-collar background, and they’re always willing to credit their rabid Midwestern following for their success. It was storied producer – and local booster – Al Sutton who heard the Pop Evil demo and decided to record the quintet. Sutton, who has worked with Michigan natives The Detroit Cobras and Kid Rock, knows how to coax thrilling performances out of heavy rock bands, and how to thicken guitar tones until they almost feel like they possess the physical weight of steel. You can hear it on “Hero”, the band’s first single, and the Lipstick kick-off track: the six-strings hit with piledriver force.

As we alluded to before, the five members of Pop Evil look the part of heavy rockers – they’re as telegenic as they are menacing, and as they prove in the “Hero” video, they’re pretty good at administering beatdowns, too. Jason Honeycutt’s clip for the song is perhaps best understood as a mini-movie: it’s Hollywood-cinematic, its story incorporates some genuine drama, and it climaxes in a slo-mo fight scene worthy of an action flick. Honeycutt pits the members of Pop Evil against a corrupt group of gangster-lawyers, and as you might guess, it’s the men in the business suits who get the worst of the melée. And if the clean-cut leader of the briefcase brigade looks a bit like Leigh Kakaty, there’s a good reason for that – the enemy thug is played by the singer’s brother Jay. The siblings do battle in a setting that’ll be familiar to many of their Michigan listeners: a warehouse crammed with industrial detritus and mystery machinery, including a terrifying-looking iron hook that the combatants put to (painfully) good use!

We are stoked to be working with George Cappellini and the folks at Pazzo Music to champion the new Pop Evil “Hero” clip. We also have plenty of copies of their new album Lipstick On The Mirror for all your on-air giveaway needs! If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com. You can also visit www.PopEvil.com to find out more about Pop Evil.

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