The Silence “Again”

The SilenceArtist:
Adam Barker
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September 4, 2014


Since their emergence from the UK, The Silence has done nothing but wow fans of every music genre. Being multi-dimensional and highly energetic, this noteworthy band is teeming with new music that HIP Video Promo can’t get enough of. Join us as we present their newest clip for the catchy tune, “Again.”

The fun and charming energy and youth of the band is clearly unstoppable! Led by the fierce lead vocalist, Livvy Griffiths, the band is alive with an electrifying radiance. From Durham, The Silence is a pop-rock outfit that displays a variety of contemporary music genres. The quartet delivers edgy and hook-worthy music, not to mention their outstanding musical performances.

Described as being an “uplifting, yet melancholic mix of pop-rock at its finest,” the mesmerizing energy and in-tune lyrics present fans with passion and confidence. Their singles “Barriers” and “The Fire” left us wanting more! Since their last clip, The Silence has become sponsored by Liberty Drums, Los Cabos Drumsticks, HairHaus Hair and Styling, and Big Mozzie, and not to mention all of the reviews and glowing quotes they’ve received.

Their newest offering, “Again,” is teeming with tons of quirk and personality! Our protagonist is the mythical Abominable Snowman, also known as the Yeti! And while his natural habitat is the wild arctic, he’s in for quite a bit of culture shock when he steps off the bus into a suburban street. He tries his best to fit in by taking up dancing, unicycling, aerobics, juggling and more. Nothing quite works out for him until he spots that electric 6-string hanging in the window of the local shop. The band provides a steady stream of performance against a palette of primary colors and once our big furry friend plugs in he fits like a glove! It’s a tremendously amusing clip and hits that sweet spot between lighthearted and hard rocking.

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The Silence

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