Nevershoutnever! is standing under the misteltoe

Nevershoutnever! is standing under the misteltoe
The band (A.K.A., Christofer Drew, who sings and strums an acoustic), posted a sugary sweet tidbit, “30 Days” recently on the Nevershoutnever! Purevolume page. It’s an ode to a girl.

It centers around a guy who, despite (or maybe because of) the Christmas countdown, can’t shake off his romantic feelings towards a significant someone.

Here’s a small, lyrical preview:
“Thirty Days till Christmas and all I know/ is I’m not quite ready to let go/ of this past year.”

NSN is a renowned singer and songwriter, one who explores love in all its intricateness and complexity. And how it can be pretty irritating sometimes.

His message really rings true with a lot of people. After all, he didn’t become the #1 Unsigned Artist on Myspace for nothing. His songs are hitting milestones as far as popularity is concerned–getting 30,000 hits a day.

If this sparked your interest, you might want to check out NSN’s purevolume page here.