Common Market’s video, “Trouble Is,” to premiere on MTVu Wednesday 9/24

DJ Sabzi and emcee RA Scion, performing as rap duo Common Market, are out to take Seattle–and the rest of the nation–by storm. Emerging form the underground hip hop scene, the pair fit together social commentary and aggressive beats. They aim to present a homegrown form of rap, and RA Scion gets philosophical, political, and personal. Sometimes he raps about specific occurrences in his life, like in the track “Trouble Is”–a song about struggling through the rough road, plugging through the Seattle rap scene, and the struggle to maintain ethics despite everything.

Common Market’s video for “Trouble Is” will be premiering on MTVu Wednesday, but if you can’t catch it, be sure to click away on You Tube, as we will be posting it on our channel come Thursday.

RA Scion also has been blogging about the making of the “Trouble Is” video, and the symbolism behind the lyrics–check it out at Word Press.

In the meantime, check out Common Market’s video for “G’dang Diggy” below:

The video below is of Common Market performing “Come Together” at the Silver Platters grand opening in Seattle.

Here’s “Nina Sing”:

“Tobacco Road”: