Video depicts oddity inherent in of Montreal shows

Not just any Beach Boys fan
September 17, 2008
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Common Market’s video, “Trouble Is,” to premiere on MTVu Wednesday 9/24
September 20, 2008

Montreal shows

Last year someone filmed a man with a tiger’s head duking it out with a faceless, masked man in a spandex suit at an of Montreal concert. But this isn’t an unusual sight at of Montreal concerts, of course. The quirky and the odd are always in attendance. (Erm. Check out the pic above.)
In fact, the only things that might stick out at of Montreal show are normal things that happen in everyday life. Like, for example, can you imagine Kevin Barnes waking up in the morning and reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee with pajamas on? No. You can’t. At least, I can’t.
I mean, maybe. But his pajamas have to be very, very bright. They have to have a red-pink-yellow highlighter look to them. Then it would make more sense.
The tiger/masked man faceoff can be found here, at Stereogum.
In the video, of Montreal performs the song “For Our Elegant Caste.” This song is on their recent album, Skeletal Lamping, which has drawn comparisons to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust days, filled with quirky, addictive beats.