Electric Six is setting more fires across the country with three-month tour

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September 20, 2008
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September 22, 2008
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The Electric Six admit that most of their songs are about nothing.
But that’s probably what makes them so hilarious, and what makes fans obsessive-compulsive about listening to their music. It’s hard to stop laughing at their quirky songs, and thus, it’s hard to stop listening.

We haven’t heard such a ridiculously amazing band since the B-52s–they mix together glam metal and post-punk into something new–they’re a band that takes on the serious posturing of 80s musicians and turns around to make fun of themselves.

But although they introduce humor into their schtick, they’re very serious about creating tightly-wound riffs that make you want to dance, and choruses that make you want to shout along.

The Electric Six is going on-tour this October, and staying in the van for three months. Check out tour dates here.

The video for their track “Formula 409” is below.

Here’s the clip for “Gay Bar”: