Ethan Gold with 2 videos from the most dangerous album in indie rock!

Heavy riffage with Only Living Boy’s “I Hear Music”
October 25, 2011
Don’t act quack, just get down with Ducky!
October 25, 2011

Ethan Gold wrote a two-page story at age four called “The Dreammaker,” about a tiny miner who chiseled into people’s heads at night and placed visions and nightmares inside. As a self-taught composer, singer, songwriter, and performer on all the rock instruments, Ethan has been doing with music what his little miner did ever since, creating cathartic, deeply affecting songs with landscapes of sound and melodies that clutch to heart, written while dreaming or in the altered state of insomnia. Some of you might be familiar with Gold’s work and not even know it. Elvis Perkins’ critically acclaimed album Ash Wednesday was produced and arranged entirely by Gold, who helped Elvis define his sound to establish him as one of the stars of the new folk movement. Ethan then proceeded to write his debut record, which began as demos for a heavy rock opera confronting child abuse, thrill violence, and war. But the more Gold recorded, the more he wrote, until a single idea had become a raging 75-song opus. Ethan suffered nightmares, hallucinations, headaches, and wheezing fits, while asbestos crumbled from his walls, gas leaks hospitalized his hall mates, pigeons roosted in the sills, and insect larvae crawled from his mattress, before the health department condemned the unit. He returned just to rescue his humble recording rig, and while inside for the last time, wearing a gas mask, a small plane crashed into an apartment precisely one block north of his building. From the safety of a new flat, Ethan coaxed the tender heart from inside the brutal opera to tell his own story, which became his acclaimed debut Songs From A Toxic Apartment. “Why Don’t You Sleep” and “Poison” are the two leading tracks from the record that Pitchfork rated with high marks, praising Gold’s ability to filter in precious morsels of lo fi sounds into this work.

Check them out below!