Forty Ounce to Present New Video “Yo Mamma”

Forty Ounce

Forty Ounce is group that blends hip hop, rock, and punk to create one unique, and unforgettable, musical outfit. And with a name like Forty Ounce, it’s only appropriate that they state on their website that they are “dedicated to drinking.”

The band is fronted by Ben Gravy and pairs him with drummer Frank Chase. These fellas are no new comers to the scene, having spent time in the Philly/Atlantic City/South Jersey music scene for several years. In God We Trust is actually a bit of a curve ball from the description of a band that says they’re dedicated to drinking and our mothers. But in a world of blazing fast exchange of information and technology, and questionable morals and motives by both the private and public sector, Forty Ounce has decided to channel their frustrations into their music.

“Yo Momma” is a much more lighthearted approach and what would be the model example of what we would expect from Forty Ounce. It’s not for the faint of heart as Gravy and Chase trade verses about all the things that you never want to think of your mom doing. They also make it clear in no uncertain terms what they are going to do to Yo Momma!

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