Gregory and the Hawk expand Web site

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December 3, 2008
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December 5, 2008

Gregory and the Hawk spread its new media wings recently, giving host to a variety of vids on the official Web site. Check it out here.

GATH is well-known for her casual, stripped-down video recordings. She sets on her bed, and talks to the camera, then plays her tunes as if she was playing for a friend of hers that just dropped by.

Her easygoing personality–as well as her beautifully rendered, acoustic pluckings, make her a favorite among the You Tube crowd.

Speaking of GATH’s videos, check out her profesisonally-shot music video for the tune “Ghost,” located here.

She isn’t sitting in her bedroom, but the video is still casual, funny, and low-key. Classic Gregory and the Hawk.