Here’s what HIP clients have created during quarantine


Let us all agree on one thing: this quarantine was an unexpected turn in everyone’s schedule. Graduations were canceled, restaurants were closed down, and worst of all, the music world was inflicted with an indefinite hiatus to all its proceedings. Whether it was the cancellation of concerts and music festivals alike or the closing of virtually all recording studios, music was undoubtedly given one of the heaviest blows in this epidemic. However, despite all the shutdowns and pauses, HIP Video Promo still finds itself working non-stop to provide for its clients, and we’re glad to say that some of our favorite musicians are keeping busy in these daring times as well. Here are some clients that have found a way to keep music alive in what seems like a dismal time.

Alex Sparrow currently finds himself in the Hollywood spotlight for his role on the hit new Netflix series Space Force. But Alex is also turning heads with some terrific new music that has a message everyone needs to hear. “Let’s Stay Home Tonight” is an ode to social distancing and quarantine. It’s a romantic safety precaution that tells the world that this situation isn’t so bad if you spend it with the person you love most. By living it up at home with the girl of his dreams, Alex Sparrow gives us hope that we can make it through the endless days at home and fight the proclivity towards boredom.

Dos Floris’ addition to this list isn’t one of solitary craftsmanship. Rather, “All In This Together” is a message dedicated to showing us all that at this time, we are more united than ever. At first, the video comes off as a solo piece with Dos Floris sitting alone with her guitar, but soon she is accompanied by a whole assortment of singers and musicians collaborating with her through video chat. Everyone may be separated in body, but they are connected through the spirit of music. None of them are truly alone as they play their hearts out for the sake of unity and art. Dos Floris performs a miracle by getting everyone together for one big hurrah.

Ryan Brahms admits he’s only human, but in tough times like these, he can’t help but become a superhero. “Superman” is a testament to all the heroes who are out there fighting in this pandemic. Whether they are first responders, essential workers, or anyone that is just staying brave in these trying times, Ryan wants to let these people know that what they’re doing is superhuman. They may not have capes or tights, but to Brahms, these people might as well be on the cover of comic books.

In times like these, where everything seems so uncertain and distant, you can’t help but worry about all the special people in your life and how they are holding up. That’s exactly how V. Contreras feels in her heartfelt ballad, “If I Could.” With her band accompanying her through video chat, Contreras goes into a sentimental speech about how she would do anything to make sure that special person in her life was safe. Although she can’t be there in person to help, she wants to do whatever else there is to ensure things are alright and that everyone is boldly making it through another day. “If I Could” is all about trying to stay strong in times where you feel the weakest.

While most of these videos are about binding together to get over this pandemic, John Paciga’s “Big Hit Song” is a light-hearted romp about a young man’s dream for stardom and his surefire formula for making it big. Yes, it is important to stay conscious of what’s going on in the world, but this made-at-home lyric video reminds us that it’s also imperative to take a break from worrying and imagine the great things that will come when this is all said and done. The future is bright and hopeful, and we need to keep on dreaming like John does to survive. Listening to this song is sure to put a smile on your face and get you thinking about all the great things you want to do soon.

What do we call the people in this quarantine who are still working despite all that is happening? What name do you give to those who are risking their lives for the good of everyone else? Some call them heroes, but Lauren Calve prefers to call them her “Better Angels.” In her newest lyric video, Calve takes it upon herself to appreciate the workers who never stopped working and shine a beam of hope on these dismal times. Things may be dire right now, but it’s comforting to know that we have people working around the clock to get back on track. Calve knows she wouldn’t make it through this without these people, and she uses this video to show her deep appreciation for these divine figures.

Live music may not be happening right now, but that doesn’t mean that the music has to stop flowing. There are so many artists out there that are still working as hard as they can to ensure that the world has a soundtrack to get through this quarantine and aspire to better things. In this tough time, the resiliency of artists is motivational, to say the least, and paints a vivid picture as to what music is going to be like when the world starts to open up again. All in all, let’s cherish the artists that are still working because they are the artists that are going to help us get through this pandemic.

Written by HIP Administrative Assistant Bryan Oliveira.